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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
January 20, 2008 @ 9:22pm
Its been an up and down few weeks.

Ive been really down but having to go to work as I cant afford to loose the money, but this week i decided to take 2 days off and with my normal shift pattern it turned into 5. And god did I need it. I didnt get a lay in due to the cat but was lovely just to chill out. I had Tom come over Saturday to Sunday, we went out for cocktails and came back and watched some films and chatted a lot. And then Paul came over on Tuesday till Wednesday. We ate lots of chocolate fondue, made some chocolates,watched a fair few horror movies and mighty boosh and csi and chatted. Was good to just chill out friends. I went to Marcs flat for a while the other day too.

Few days before Emma came down too and we went to town and went shopping and came home and watched a lot of cop based things, ncis, and police academy for the win. I bought a very new sexy phone. 2008 is the year for change and well I needed a new phone to go with that for a few reasons.

My parents went away to the Caribbean for 2 weeks, they had such an amazing time and im so jealous. The only thing that nearly stopped it was my nan was rushed to hospital on the night before they were due to leave and my parents were leaving at 4 am. It was touch and go whether my parents were going to cancel to go see her but my grandparents placed a few good swear words at my parents to tell them to go and so they did. She was ok, she had to go on iv drip and morphine and she came home 4 days later. I went up on Monday to visit her and help out, she looked a lot better then she had.

Things with the solicitor are getting stepped up, I tried to call him 4 days in a row and no reply to my messages, so when I got through to him he got an ear full. And he seems to have picked up gear, I have an orthopedic specialist looking over me in london on the 1st feb, and the week after im seeing a phychologist to do his report. SO at least things are moving a long.

My brothers off in three weeks for his six months travels, and im already getting upset, I know it will be amazing for him but ergh he is so immature in my eyes. Im hoping thats just house mode and it will sort him out.

Rawr anyway good things. Me, Wayne and Emma are going to LA and more then likely for Halloween. And it is going to kick major major arse. I cant wait. I have the tattoo convention next Saturday which im really looking forward too. My tattoo is just over a month away and because my parents just came back from holiday they bought me presents. Oh my god! A real Chanel Silk scarf, an amazing chanel white and black bag and a pair of Chanel Glasses. I have kept going on to my brother that he needs to pick me one up on his travels (bag) and my parents found a chanel shop and treated me :D :D :D There was lotsof hyper screaming.

Im decorating my room in a few weeks. Red satin duvet, Big tattoo designs by Angelique in frames on my walla nd I need to attach the wallpaper back.

Also Im seeeeeeing VAST! Me and Tom have backstage passes and meet and greet thing. I will faint. I just need to sell my ordinary tickets now. And Im going to Give it a Name in May for Emmas birthday.  Glassjaw, 30seconds to Mars, Billy Talent, Anti flag. Going to be good.

I am now going to go nurse myself with warm water and hibiscrub. I have cut my ankle open and its gone weird. Damn you high heels. Also have bruises all over my arms this damn goes out to the cat that attacked me and forced me to bang my elbow into the table. *raises fist*

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Wednesday, January 1st, 2003
January 01, 2003 @ 6:55pm


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